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bullet Our Mission
bullet Since 1999, Autism-Michigan has been an online support group for those touched by autism. Autism-Michigan started as an online discussion group in the form of a mailing list.  This web site was created to supplement the list.  Parents and professionals with an interest in autism are welcome to join. Click here to join us at the Autism-Michigan discussion group!


bullet Michigan ASA Chapters
bullet Autism Society of Michigan
bullet Macomb County Chapter Autism Society of America
bullet Autism Society of America, Oakland County Chapter
bullet Wayne County Autism Society
bullet Autism Society of Kalamazoo/Battle Creek
bullet Autism Society of Kent County
bullet Lansing Chapter (East Lansing), email:
bullet Muskegon Area Chapter, Whitehall
bullet Newaygo County Autism Society, White Cloud

Saginaw Bay Area Chapter 


Autism Society of West Shore (Western Michigan)


bullet Other Autism-Related Organizations in Michigan
bullet University of Michigan, Autism and Communication Disorders Center
bullet The PLAY Project
bullet Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan
bullet Everyday Miracles Autism Support Network
bullet The Autism Autoimmunity Project of Michigan
bullet Autism in Michigan


bullet Autism related Yahoo Groups in Michigan
bullet Autism-Michigan Yahoo Group (our group)
  • This list is for anyone on the Autism Spectrum or with a loved one, student or patient with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The list is to provide resource information & support. Posts are not limited to any type of therapy or subject. This is for people to share their experiences and ask/answer questions about Autism. The majority of information may be specific to Michigan but is not limited to Michigan.
bullet Autism Spectrum Adults Michigan Yahoo Group
  • Welcome! This group is for Adults within the Autism Spectrum including Asperger's and P.D.D. as well as Family and Friends of those in the autism spectrum. This is an opportunity to offer support to one another, gain a better understanding of each other, ask questions, share resource information and form friendships with others who live in the Michigan area...though people from other areas are welcome to be part of this group as well. Posts are not limited to any type of subject but must be appropriate for general viewing. Members are expected to remain courteous and respectful of one another.
bullet autism-wayne-county-michigan Yahoo Group
  • Trying to get a group together from the same area, so we may be more helpful to each other. Looking forward to meeting more people in the autism world, from the area.
bullet Wayne County Autism Society Comnet Group
  • Contact other parents and interested parties by joining on-line conversations and information sharing. Use this forum to ask other parents questions regarding your needs and leave valuable lessons learned for others.
bullet WaySAC Yahoo Group
  • The Wayne County Autism Society is the Wayne County, Michigan Chapter of the Autism Society of America. Its mission is promote positive public awareness of autism by providing information, holding workshops, encouraging contact among its members, providing support and advocacy, and maintaining a liaison relationship with other Michigan Chapters.
bullet Autism In Michigan Yahoo Group
  • Do you know of or have a child or adult who has some form of Autism? This is a group ran by an Unlocking Autism Rep for Michigan. All said and done I'm a concerned parent trying to make things easier for our children & adults with autism :-) Together we can bring this issue to the forefront & let our politicians know that we have an epidemic of autism. Together we can get more schools, services & better understanding doctors for our children.
bullet Autism in Michigan MSN Group
bullet Michigan FEAT Yahoo Group
  • The Michigan FEAT mailing list was formed to help parents band together to create a "Families for Early Autism Treatment" group in our state. Once it's created the mailing list will be used for bulletins, announcements and as a general support forum for members. Michigan FEAT will be made up of individuals (mostly parents) who are dedicated to ensuring that children with an autism spectrum disorder recieve the best education, advocacy and support. This may include setting families up with information on state and federal resources, educating families on different types of therapies and pointing them in the right direction when they have chosen the therapy that is right for them. It may also include trying to start or change state programs to help families pay for therapy. We may have fundraisers and benefits to offset the cost of members' therapy they are providing. We may also have a reference and toy lending library. These are some of the things we would like to work on.
bullet Michigan-autistic Yahoo Group
  • A group where parents and people associated with autism can share information. Also where as a parent you can vent your frustration and obtain support to help you and your family cope with this terrible disability.
bullet Autism-MacombASA Yahoo Group
  • This list is primarily for autism related questions, answers & support within the Macomb & St. Clair Counties of Michigan, but anyone is welcome to ask or answer questions on this list. We are a small, local parent volunteer organization, and have a website with a broader range of information and links located at You may also want to type in the word “autism” in the Yahoo!Groups home page search box. There are over 300 lists devoted to general and specific autism related topics.
bullet Autism Michigan Yahoo Group
bullet Michigan Autism Partnership Yahoo Group
  • This group is dedicated to the Michigan Autism Partnership Members, and will be used to facilitate group collaboration around events, research and advocacy activities. This is a private group and you must be approved to join.
bullet mcasg_monroe Yahoo Group
  • The Monroe County Autism Support Group is here to help and lend support to any family whose child(ren) falls into the Autism Spectrum Disorder. For Monroe County, Michigan and surrounding areas.
bullet GFCF Michigan Yahoo Group
  • Share support, ideas, store locations and much more with other parents of children with autism who are either new to or experts at the Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet as intervention for their children. Share recipes, as well as locations in Michigan that have good GFCF items.
bullet UAMIREPS Yahoo Group
  • This is a list for Unlocking Autism Reps. in Michigan. Please fill free to post any info; links or any thing you fill will be important to our goals of Unlocking Autism in Michigan. I hope that we can use this to commutate with each other. Let us know what you are doing or would like to do. If you need any help or can give any help to another rep.
bullet Unlocking Autism In Michigan MSN Group
  • Welcome to Unlocking Autism in Michigan! Cecelia Hammond, Michigan Unlocking Autism Rep.
bullet Everyday Miracles Autism Yahoo Group
  • Everyday Miracles is a parent led, community based support group designed to strengthen, empower and inform families and communities about children with autism. The group provides an opportunity to talk openly with each other in a supportive environment. Here, individuals in a caring and sharing atmosphere can express the grieving and the joy felt in the everyday miracle of having a child with autism. Our information exchange will objectively communicate the most up-to-date topics of interest. We offer occasional guest speakers and family outings. Come be a part of the diversity that is a new vision in helping support autism. To assist you in fully understanding the realm of this support group, we hold live group meetings at three locations throughout Oakland and Wayne counties (Ferndale, Novi and Romulus, Michigan) as well as an on-line support group, where everyone can post messages on the bulletin board and receive e-mails from other members.
bullet Burger's angels Yahoo Group
  • Burger school for autism, caregiver support.
bullet Autism-Society-Washtenaw-County Yahoo Group
  • This group provides information, support, and training for families & individuals that support someone that has Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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Autism Awareness Month                    Printer-friendly window featuring this article; select File>Print.,1607,7-168-22678_25488-71943--,00.html

, April is celebrated nationally as Autism Awareness Month, and April 27 as Autism Awareness Day, these are both excellent opportunities to educate the public about the impact of autism on citizens and to promote treatment methods and research developments; and,

Whereas, Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and while some children are born with autism, many children do not acquire autism until the second or third year of life; and,

Whereas, Autism results from a neurological disorder that affects brain functioning which interferes with communication, learning, behavior and social development; and although a cure for autism has not been found, with proper treatment and intensive therapy autistic children are able to reach their full greatest potential; and,

Whereas, Michigan has experienced a 100 percent increase in autism in the last 5 years, occurring in approximately one of every 250 individuals, including one of every 63 children in Special Education in Michigan; and,

Whereas, At the recent International Meeting For Autism Research Conference, noted autism epidemiologist Dr. Eric Fombonne stated that the prevalence of autism is now one of every 147 individuals, and further showed that the prevalence of autism has increased between 600 percent and 3400 percent; and,

Whereas, According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, autism enrollment will be 55.9 million students by the year 2005, with at least 800,000 educational personal needed to serve these students; and,

Whereas, Autism Spectrum Disorders are more common than Downs Syndrome, Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis and many forms of Childhood Cancer and autism is four times more prevalent in boys than girls and has been found throughout the world in families of all racial, ethnic and social backgrounds; and,

Whereas, Over the past 30 years, significant progress has been made in the areas of research, medicine, diagnostic issues, and therapies for autism, resulting in improved quality of life for those with autism and their loved ones and accurate, early diagnosis and the resulting appropriate education and intervention are vital to the future growth and development of the individual; and,

Whereas, Unlocking Autism along with many other State representatives is making plans for Autism Awareness rallies, conferences and other various actives to promote Autism Awareness throughout the month of April; and now therefore be it

Resolved, That I, Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor of the State of Michigan, do hereby proclaim April, 2003, as Autism Awareness Month in Michigan and encourage efforts to promote awareness of and fostering for the understanding of autism.